Our previous dog died aged 14 and I was heartbroken. We wanted to adopt a ‘small or medium’ rescue dog - not a Staffy type as they were ‘too strong’ and might be aggressive, or one with serious behavioural issues (we were not inexperienced enough) and not a puppy as s/he would go to work with my husband. But I lived on a secure 32 acre croft and could offer a loving ‘forever’ home to a dog that would have company during the day. I was surprised how hard this was…I was prepared to travel but some rescues wanted me to visit three times a week, others would only re home in their area (I understand why). Other dogs were gone before I contacted the rescue.


I was registered with a website that emailed links from rescues and one day, against my better judgement I clicked on a picture of a staffy-cross called Tara. This is what I saw. I read she was 8 months old and got on well with children, cats, dogs. I’m not sure how I decided she was for me and convinced my husband - as she got out of the rescue people’s car in a supermarket car park she looked MASSIVE and a bit ‘garage dog’ and I wondered what we’d done But she looked up adoringly at my husband when he walked her, jumped in the van, came home on the ferry, slept through the night in her room and then went off happily to work with my husband (who has a garage).


Three years on, she’s a joy. Staffy-types, I’ve learned, are cuddlers, lap dogs, like to speak/sing and are alternatively very serious and very silly. Tara eats any food, sleeps until we get up (even at weekends),

loves: us wholeheartedly, the croft, the beach, playing, car trips and going on holiday. She is beautiful and has tiger-stripes. She has dog friends including a boyfriend called Dell and is loved in our small community.  I cannot now imagine having another type of dog. I am eternally grateful for all the people who worked to help Tara so that she could become part of our family.


Thank you