This is Roxy, she is two past and spayed. We think she is a Collie x Kelpie, but are not entirely certain, but her behaviour is very Collie like.

Roxy has been in foster with me for quite a while now living with my Quinn and a variety of other foster dogs and is very good with them both in the house and when out playing.  However she is a reactive dog and does have some issues, mostly fear of strangers and unfortunately she reacts aggressively until she gets know people.  But with me and the people she trusts, she is just a darling.  Very affectionate and loving, playful and great fun.  She needs time and careful introduction to new people and has very much improved since her arrival.  I always muzzle her in public as I do not want her to get into trouble, as her instinct is to to the classic collie ‘nip and run’ to make people go away.  Her behaviour is all fear based and she is actually a very insecure and sensitive dog.
Now I realise Roxy is not for everyone, but in the right home would a pleasure