This sweet lassie is Petale, her current owners have written the following about her.

“Petale is a loving, cuddly intelligent rescue dog that has been with us for 7 months. She now lives with me, my husband, our two young kids and our other dog. She is perfect with the kids and an absolute joy to have around. However despite this I find myself in the terribly upsetting position of having to rehome her as she is literally terrified of my husband! It isn’t all men - it seems to be just him! We’ve tried everything and taken a lot of expert advice but nothing has made any difference and she just is not happy here. She is such a darling girl and will be a fantastic addition to someones home. I just want her to find her happy ever after even if it isn’t here with us. She is perfect in the car and to groom. She doesn’t need very long walks as she wasn’t used to walks in the refuge but she does like to be with people rather then alone. She is calm and gentle but loves a play and a cuddle. Petale is 6, neutered and up to date with all jabs and in perfect health.”

And I will just add to the above, the husband has done nothing wrong and they have tried professional help, to no avail. we assume he reminds her of someone from her past.

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After giving this a lot of thought we now realise that Petale needs a home with a single woman, only male dogs if any and no cats. She has just been through too much and no matter how lovely the possible male maybe, she is just terrified and can’t relax around a resident male. She walks well on the lead, is good with children and is very affectionate. This is urgent as we only have a suitable foster for a short time. Thank you x