Due to a change in their circumstances, the owners of Otis are very reluctantly having to find a forever home for Otis. 

Otis was 5 last month, big softy but does not take to people that are nervous round him, so would need to have someone who is familiar with GSD’s. 

Otis has been neutered & chipped,  His recall is so so, but he will always come back maybe just not right away 🙂 He hasn’t had much exposure with kids,  so not sure how he would get on. He gets on great with owners cat but not sure about others. He has a trapped nerve in his back which makes his back end sway when he walks.   This does not require medication, he was x-rayed but vet said there was nothing really to worry about. It doesn’t stop him going nuts after his ball or jumping in the air to catch his frizzby 🙂

All his jabs all up to date and is usually fine with other dogs.

If you are interested in Otis, please let us know.